About Us

   The Highland Manor Wood Products Story

The best quality turned wood products in the world today at the most affordable price ❖ American made 100%               



              The Best Wood Products Can Be Found at Highland Manor Wood Products, LLC

We are one of the most respected woodworking companies in the industry. Our craftsmen team combines traditional woodworking techniques with modern technology to create stunning pieces for our customers. If you are seeking quality, affordability, and service, Highland is the perfect destination for your project's needs. You can be sure you are getting the best quality wood products for your project from Highland Manor and that we are committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service. Our knowledgeable staff are always available to answer questions and help to find the perfect piece for your home or business. Every product comes with a satisfaction guarantee as well, and all our products are made right here in the U.S.A from American grown woods.

  Our Founding

                      We began with a grand vision of supplying wood products for all the DIY's, Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Architects, Wholesale Furniture Manufacturing Companies, and Interior Designers. Twenty-six years ago, we had a vision of creating our own style of island legs, table legs, shaped legs, and more. We have had an amazing journey and promise to keep producing quality wood turnings. Our overall purpose is to create beautiful wood products that our customers will enjoy for years!

Crafted Proudly In New York State

Highland Manor Wood Products, LLC is in Jamestown, New York. This is a region with a rich history of producing fine furniture pieces since the early 1820’s. All our wood is locally sourced from slow growth northern hardwoods in New York and Pennsylvania. This ensures that we only turn, carve, or shape the best possible material. All our products are carefully inspected by our team and are produced in our facility.

Highland Manor Wood Products has become a Leader in the Industry

Over the years we have developed a reputation for producing high-quality wood products for your homes, businesses, and for interior design projects around the world. Our wood products can be found in some of the most luxurious homes in the country, commercial settings, and more. We are globally renowned for our specific attention to detail and commitment to quality. We have made furniture pieces for Ethan Allen, D.R. Dimes and Company, Eldrid Wheeler, JL Treharn, and antique shops. Examples of unique projects that feature Highland’s products are in the rebuilding of both Jack Daniels’ and Eleanor Roosevelt’s respective houses.

Custom Projects

Highland Manor Wood Products prides itself on custom services, putting individuality and customization into every order. From the customers idea to the cad drawing and approval, to the inhouse grinding room our team works to provide a product that is beautiful from start to finish. Whether it be the modern style customers are looking for or a more traditional look, Highland truly has it all. Our craftsmanship and mindfulness are unlike any other. We are thankful to each, and every customer and we pride ourselves on shipping out the best product possible!