Hard Wood Flush Insert 5/16" Wide x 5/8" Long

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Hard Wood Flush Insert 5/16" Wide x 5/8" Long


This Flush Hard Wood Insert is a great way to make installation a breeze. This insert is ideal for applications such as ready-to-assemble furniture, furniture feet, legs, drawer pulls, or wherever the avoidance of thread stripping is desired. Simply drill out the appropriately sized hole, thread in the insert and you have a strong thread that can withstand repeated fastener installations and removals. 

  • Details: Made proudly in America of brass material
  • Wood Types: Ideal for Hard Woods: Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Oak, Cherry, Poplar, etc...
  • Shipping: Ships same day or next day Monday-Friday 
  • Dimensions: 5/16" Wide x 5/8" Long
  • Easy to install 3 easy steps: For this installation you will need a 1/2" drill bit and a regular/flat head screwdriver.
    1. With the 1/2" drill bit and your drill, bore accurately positioned pilot holes in the underside of your furniture—no less than 5/8” deep, being careful not to drill all the way through. 
    2. Chamfer the edges of the pilot hole to prevent tear out.
    3. Using a regular/flat head screwdriver install the threaded insert into the hole.